Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

It's been a while since my last post, and I've neglected to announce a few events that have come and gone. What can I say? The Fringe Festival kept me pretty busy for a while. Maybe some other interesting stuff has been happening as well. ;)

First things first: Every year, the SAW Gallery holds a fundraiser called the Golden Cherry Awards, which presents awards in a variety of categories to Ottawan artists in every category imaginable. Here are some relevant nominations for the spoken word community:
  • Capital Poetry Collective (Best Website and Best Collective)
  • Oni the Haitian Sensation (Best Poetry/Spoken Word)
  • Kevin Matthews (Best Poetry/Spoken Word)
  • Q the Romantic Revolutionary (Best Poetry/Spoken Word)
  • John Akpata (Best Poetry/Spoken Word and Best Radio Show)
  • Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant (Best Erotica)
  • Steve Sauvé (Sexiest Artist)
They must have made a mistake with that last one... maybe it's supposed to be "Artiest Sexist" or something. Naw, I wouldn't qualify for that, either. Anywho, here are a couple other nominations that (despite not having anything to do with spoken word) I think are pretty damn cool:
  • Ottawa Fringe Festival (Best Festival and Best Art Organization)
  • World Beats & Eats (Best Art Happening)
  • Aaron McKenzie Fraser (Best Photographer)
  • Third Wall Theatre Company (Best Company)
  • Mélissa Laveaux (Best Singer-Songwriter)
  • Café Nostalgica (Best Music Venue)
  • Melanie Little (Best Fiction)
  • CBC Ottawa (Best New Building)
  • American Embassy (Biggest Architectural Eyesore)
The awards ceremony is Saturday, July 9th at the SAW Gallery (67 Nicholas) at 7 PM. Admission is $10 and the winners are determined by the attendees.

Also, the latest No Rules Slam is tonight @ 8 PM at the Parliament Pub (101 Sparks at Metcalfe). Starting with this installment it is now a two-round competition, so come prepared.

There are lots more events coming soon. I'll try to update my site within the next day or two to reflect this.

Ciao for now!