Sunday, June 05, 2005

Buy my CD online!

For those of you not in the city of Ottawa who want to get their greedy little hands on a copy of my live CD, Steve Sauvé Does It With His Glasses On, you can now buy it online at the Bywords Online Store. Sorry, no "girls with glasses" discount online, though. If you're a bespectacled lass who wants two dollars off, you gotta buy it in person. I may be doing a little bit of touring this year: I might show up in nearby cities like Toronto and Montréal within the next couple months, and I'll hopefully be in Vancouver come October. I will bring CDs to all my shows.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who've already bought a copy of my CD. It's only been available for a couple weeks, but I've already made a tidy profit and have received heaps of praise for it. Thank you all for your support. I may be doing a "professional" studio album later this year, and I'm considering doing one or two independent live CDs per year from now on as well. If I make it to Vancouver in October I will probably record my next live one there.