Saturday, May 14, 2005

Semi-Finals results

The Capital Slam semi-finals last night were awesome! Some brilliant performances from all of the poets. John Akpata ran away with first place (big surprise!), and I managed to come in third. Here are the people moving on to the finals and their cumulative scores (out of 60):
  • 58.1- John Akpata
  • 57.2- DJ Morales
  • 56.9- Steve SauvĂ©
  • 56.5- Kevin Matthews (tied for fourth place)
  • 56.5- Oni the Haitian Sensation (tied for fourth place)
  • 55.8- Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant
  • 55.7- Free Will
  • 54.5- Devin Murphy
The finals will be hot! I'm just glad people responded so well to my first round poem. It was a bit of a risk and very personal: I'd been trying to write about my heart surgery for a year now (today is exactly one year since I was released from the hospital), but I was having a lot of trouble. I finally realized that what was holding me back was that I didn't want to write a whiny, depressing poem. I attempted to write a poem about how the experience has helped me to grow as a human being, and it apparently paid off. Five people came up to me during the intermission to ask for a copy of the poem, and many more offered their praise and hugs (both of which are always appreciated). People were moved. If any of you are reading this, I will be selling copies of the poem at the finals, as well as all the poetry events I go to between now and then.

Also, as some of you probably noticed, I was recording all of my performances in April. That was for a CD that I will hopefully have done in time for the finals. I think I may have mentioned that in the blog before, but I'm too tired and lazy right now to check.

I think the next No Rules Slam is on the 25th of this month. I will post it to the calendar when I have all the details confirmed.