Thursday, May 26, 2005

No Rules last night

The No Rules Slam was awesome again, as was expected. I made away like a bandit! I sold a stack of CDs, took home the second place prize, and won one of the special prizes: John gave me a book entitled Saving the Self: Consumerism, Freedom, and You for having the best poem about capitalism. The poem? "Batman," of course. This was the second time I've come in second place, and both times it was to the lovely and talented Rita, who bought my CD last night and is, by the way, quite lovely. Did I mention she's lovely? Sigh...

Now I've got some money in my pocket for the Great Glebe Garage Sale on Saturday. If you've never been, this event is exactly what it sounds like: the entire Glebe community has a giant garage sale. Blocks and blocks and blocks of stuff. Most of it is crap, of course. I mean, it is a garage sale. But you're bound to find something you want/need just by the fact of the sheer volume of things on display.

Oh yeah, the event calendar has been updated again. Check it out!