Wednesday, April 13, 2005

End of the month...

Can you believe how many spoken word events are still to come for the month of April? Look at the calendar: There are four events between the 20th and 29th. FOUR! And that's just "spoken word"-specific events. Throw poetry readings and open mics into the mix and you never have to go home... just travel from venue to venue like a wandering minstrel.

For those few who might give a damn about my health, I'm feeling much better today than I was yesterday. I'm still woozy, congested and all that other fun stuff, but I'll hopefully be up to the task of going to the weekly Café Nostalgica open mic tomorrow night. Two of the performers in the upcoming Capital Slam championships (myself and Tiah) are regulars at Nostalgica, so come on out to the Café on Thursdays to get a possible sneak peak at what we're going to unleash on the crowd at the semi-finals in May.

Poetry is fuckin' alive in the city of Ottawa! Come on out and see that there's more to it than your high school English teacher may have been able to convey. And remember: Support the arts... fuck a poet!