Friday, April 29, 2005

Café Nostalgica 10th anniversary

Besides the aforementioned fundraiser I'll be performing at tonight (which has a $6 cover, by the way), I will also be at Café Nostalgica on Saturday to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment. There will be stuff going on there all day. They're planning a barbecue and will be serving all of their usual awesome eats at half-price. Starting at 2:00 pm, the live entertainment starts, and goes on until closing! From 2-4 there will be performances by regulars from their Thursday night open stage: That's where I come in. I'll probably do a 12-15 minute set. The remainder of the day will be filled with featured performances by many of Ottawa's best performers, including John Carroll, Phil Lafreniere, and the Soul Jazz Orchestra. Seriously, folks, free non-stop live entertainment from 2 pm until closing! It truly will be a weeks worth of entertainment in one day. I'm contemplating getting there around noon and staying for the whole damn thing. We'll see how my sleep-deprived body feels about that, though.

The only reason not to go is that you hate fun. Do you hate fun? No? Well then I'll see you there!