Friday, April 29, 2005

Café Nostalgica 10th anniversary

Besides the aforementioned fundraiser I'll be performing at tonight (which has a $6 cover, by the way), I will also be at Café Nostalgica on Saturday to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment. There will be stuff going on there all day. They're planning a barbecue and will be serving all of their usual awesome eats at half-price. Starting at 2:00 pm, the live entertainment starts, and goes on until closing! From 2-4 there will be performances by regulars from their Thursday night open stage: That's where I come in. I'll probably do a 12-15 minute set. The remainder of the day will be filled with featured performances by many of Ottawa's best performers, including John Carroll, Phil Lafreniere, and the Soul Jazz Orchestra. Seriously, folks, free non-stop live entertainment from 2 pm until closing! It truly will be a weeks worth of entertainment in one day. I'm contemplating getting there around noon and staying for the whole damn thing. We'll see how my sleep-deprived body feels about that, though.

The only reason not to go is that you hate fun. Do you hate fun? No? Well then I'll see you there!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fundraiser tomorrow!

Don't forget! Friday is the Fundraiser for the 2005 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Expect to see performances from:
  • Kevin Matthews, the National Director for SpoCan
  • Steve Sauvé, the guy who is me... and yes, I'll do the Geek Poem, so stop asking!
  • Q the Romantic Revolutionary, winner of the 2005 Ottawa CBC Poetry Face-Off
  • Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant, co-slammaster of the monthly Capital Slam
  • and many, many more!
So come on out, have fun, get drunk... yada yada yada. The info, as always, is on the calendar to the right of the screen.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Moans, Groans, & Unfinished Sentences

This Tuesday, 8 pm at the Universe City Lounge (145 Besserer, above the Agora Bookstore) will be the second installment of Moans, Groans, & Unfinished Sentences. In organizer Liz Cullen's own words, here's the lowdown on the event:
Is that heavy breathing I hear? The second presentation of 'Moans, Groans & Unifinished Sentences' is here! That's right, erotic poetry is back in Ottawa. This fundraising event is full of empowering, titillating hilarious erotica performed by some of Ottawa's best spoken word artists, such as Oni the Haitian Sensation, Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant, Kevin Matthews, and new talent! Bring your friends, bring that certain someone you've been lusting after and come for a night of excellent, enticing spoken word fun! All proceeds go to the Capital Slam Collective, to help send a team of Ottawa's finest spoken word artists to the Canadian Spoken Word Festival. So come, win a door prize, hear some wicked erotica, and help send a team of Ottawa's finest to show Canada what Ottawa's made of!
It's gonna be wicked. In addition to the performers listed above, expect performances by myself, Lisa Slater, Tiah Akse, Natasha O'Brien, Nichole McGill, and others!
Doors open at 7:30. The Universe City Lounge can only hold about 100 people, so get there early if you want to get in at all. I'm very excited about it. I've written a brand new poem for the occasion, so come on out if you wanna see if geek poems and sex poems can mix. See you there!

P.S. They so can mix!

Monday, April 18, 2005

No Rules Slam on Wednesday!

This Wednesday! Don't forget! I cannot begin to describe how cool this event is. So go. All the info you need is on the calendar to the right of this post.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

End of the month...

Can you believe how many spoken word events are still to come for the month of April? Look at the calendar: There are four events between the 20th and 29th. FOUR! And that's just "spoken word"-specific events. Throw poetry readings and open mics into the mix and you never have to go home... just travel from venue to venue like a wandering minstrel.

For those few who might give a damn about my health, I'm feeling much better today than I was yesterday. I'm still woozy, congested and all that other fun stuff, but I'll hopefully be up to the task of going to the weekly Café Nostalgica open mic tomorrow night. Two of the performers in the upcoming Capital Slam championships (myself and Tiah) are regulars at Nostalgica, so come on out to the Café on Thursdays to get a possible sneak peak at what we're going to unleash on the crowd at the semi-finals in May.

Poetry is fuckin' alive in the city of Ottawa! Come on out and see that there's more to it than your high school English teacher may have been able to convey. And remember: Support the arts... fuck a poet!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Open Mic at the Aloha tonight!

I knew Garmamie had something planned this month, but he didn't e-mail me with the info until just now. Look to your right and jot down the time and place for the open mic tonight. And go! I might not make it thanks to a wicked cold I just came down with yesterday. I made it through the entire Winter without getting sick. Seriously, what the fuck? Must be all the recent stress from moving. Oh well. Don't let that stop you from going, though. If for no other reason than to see if Garmamie's booming voice is enough to compromise the structural integrity of Barrymore's. I'd try to convince him that vocal projection is overrated, but he's just so damn entertaining.

Alright, I'm out.

Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm the ZeD "Word Feature" today!

My poem "In the Movies Nobody Has Morning Breath" has been selected as the latest Word Feature on CBC's ZeD website. Check it out! It's not the first time I've been featured, and it's not like my work is actually on the show, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Previously featured poems of mine on ZeD have been "Best Kind of Something" and a recording of "Clarion Call" (a.k.a. "The Geek Poem"). Of course, if you want to check out all of my ZeD offerings, you can just go to my content page here.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Capital Slam

The final slam of the regular season was last night and it was amazing! Oni the Haitian Sensation made a triumphant return to the Capital Slam stage, and became the second person to ever win the monthly slam twice (John Akpata being the first).

The 12 competitors moving on to the semifinals on Friday, May 13th are (in order of final rank for the season):
  1. Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant
  2. Oni the Haitian Sensation
  3. DJ Morales
  4. Steve Sauvé (that's me!)
  5. John Akpata
  6. Kevin Matthews
  7. Free Will
  8. Madame H.
  9. Danielle Grégoire
  10. Owen Hewitt
  11. Devin Murphy
  12. Tiah Akse
It's gonna be wicked. I'm really looking forward to it. The Collective will be making a CD from the performances in the semifinals and finals, which will also be wicked. That's a lot of wickedness!

I've updated the spoken word calendar (look to the right), adding two more events and correcting the date for the No Rules Slam. I will be performing at every one of the events listed. I'll give you more info as the dates get closer.

I have some really exciting things in the works! It may be a month or two before I make any formal announcements (I'm superstitious like that), but there's a lot of amazing opportunities on my plate right now, for both local and national projects. Seriously, I'm giddy.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Move complete!

The move to my new place downtown is complete! Hopefully, this means I'll be able to attend more readings. I'd like to start going to Tree again. The next Tree is on the 12th featuring Wes Smiderle. Spoken word fans will definitely want to make the trip out to Tree on May 24th, as it is featuring none other than Anthony Bansfield, a.k.a. Nth Digri. He's awesome! and I might give Dusty Owl a try as well. Their next show is the April 17th launch of Sorrowland Press's "I See A Darkness," a collection of poetry which is apparently rather dark in theme.

Don't forget, this Friday (April 8th) is the last Capital Slam before the championships begin to see who goes to Vancouver to represent Ottawa. I'm in the running and I'm very excited. I just realized that I still need to write and memorize my poems for the next slam. Moving is a very time-consuming activity... April 8th is also the next installment of the Factory Reading Series. If I wasn't already going to the Capital Slam, I would definitely go to this, as it will feature readings by Mark Truscott, Rachel Zolf, and Wanda O'Connor. Wanda is one of my favourite poets (heck, she's one of my favourite people), and it's been quite a while since I've seen her read. Oh well, maybe next time.